Mission Statement


Your next BART Director needs to represent your interests by demonstrating strong leadership and making sound decisions based on experience and a thorough understanding of the BART system.

As a Safety Specialist working for 6 years training BART staff in Emergency Operations and coordinating Public Safety agencies on emergency plans and exercises across 20 jurisdictions in four counties, I have a thorough knowledge of the BART System and the staff that runs it. 

My leadership, command, and staff skills are demonstrated by my careers in the Army (active and reserve service) where, across three decades and two wars, I rose to the rank of Colonel and in the fire service where, over a span of 25 years, I rose to the rank of Chief and protected 1/3 of the city of Oakland with ten companies under my command. 

As your BART Director, I will use my leadership and experience to achieve the goals of provident service to Livermore, improving Public Safety, and planning for BART service to the future.


It is a simple a matter of equity; the citizens of Livermore have been paying taxes for over 35 years for BART service that they have not received.  However, simple is never easy in the complex competition of jurisdictions, and public interests.  I intend to enter that competition and exercise my extensive leadership and staff skills to insure that BART service is extended to Livermore.


I intend to harness the enormous untapped resource of BART, at little cost, to significantly improve Public Safety.

Public Safety agencies are superbly prepared for small scale-short term emergencies.

However, in the event of a regional disaster, particularly an earthquake, highways, and other infrastructure will be crippled.  If BART remains operational or rapidly recovers, it can move evacuees and resources by the thousands-continuously.  But to realize this potential will require joint planning with cities, counties, and other transit agencies.  I intend to insure this resource is available when (not if) needed.


As time marches on, local population growth and long distance commuters from outside the Bay Area will continue to outstrip BART’s designed capacity.  The post 9/11 terrorist threat, gridlocked highway congestion and the increased difficulty for persons with special needs to navigate in more congested conditions are all issues that need to be anticipated and planned for in collaboration with the public, jurisdictions and mutually supporting transit agencies.  This will be a daunting challenge and wonderful opportunity to, “Get It Right”.  I accept the challenge to participate in and facilitate that process by representing the needs of my constituents.



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